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Injury prevention campaign

Prevention of spinal injuries, creating awareness among the public and showing the effect that spinal injury has on your life; along with training in prevention of spinal injury is extremely important at Ama Wheelies. Ama Wheelies therefore started the campaign with the slogan “Ama Wheelies don’t want new members!” Sadly many of Ama Wheelies members are paralyzed and on wheelchairs as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Ama Wheelies is therefore concerned about road safety. Many spinal cord injuries could have been avoided if seat belts were worn and road safety rules were adhered to. Ama Wheelies are doing a road safety campaign encouraging society to always “buckle up,” don’t “text and drive,” don’t “drive using a cell phone,” and ADHERE TO ROAD SAFETY RULES to alleviate motor vehicle accidents and prevent spinal cord injuries.We plan to take our Road Safety Campaign with the slogan “Ama Wheelies don’t want new members!” to all the District Municipalities here in Mpumalanga Province; watch Facebook for date updates and herewith our campaign details:

  • Easter Safety Campaign at Petrol Ports along N4
  • 18 July – Mandela Day
  • 67 Minutes community service
  • Ama Wheelies Road Safety Awareness Workshop at Gert Sibande District Municipality
  • Spring road awareness walk in Lydenburg
  • October Road Safety awareness day in Malelane
  • November road safety awareness walk in Mbombela

The Injury Prevention Campaign targets Motorists, Truckers, Bikers, Pedestrians, Driving Schools, Taxi Associations, Commuter Transport Providers and most important the General Public. From humble beginnings in 2011, the Ama Wheelies Injury Prevention Campaign has grown and grown as a Road Safety Campaign with the first walk September 2011. Ama Wheelies members act as Road Safety Ambassadors handing out Road Safety Tips / Flyers to motorists and the general public, requesting them to sign a pledge form that they will always adhere to Road Safety Rules so that they don’t endanger their lives or the life of someone else. Since 2013 the safety campaign has been televised on TV news and reported on by SABC 2 & SABC 3 and the campaign success can be measured by the sponsorships and partnerships formed. Presently Ama Wheelies are working with Driving Schools, Taxi Associations, Traffic Police, Schools, Municipalities, the Department Social Development and the Road Accident Fund, but we need more sponsors – can you help?

We are seeking a Motorbike Club and Truck Company to partner with in our Accident Prevention and Awareness Campaign – interested?


Sports days!

Ama Wheelies still do not have funds to field wheelchair sports teams. In the province of Mpumalanga we do not have organized wheelchair sports. The Ama Wheelies sports club operate on an informal basis. Athletes like Amos Mnema, Mpumalanga’s 2013 Disabled Sportsmen of the year, plod on and pays his way at own steam using prize money.

Amos Racing

This is sad for Amos should have development funding. Other athletes lack prize money and cannot develop to top sports levels. The photos of sportsmen and women reflect aspirations; at the Ama Wheelies Sports Days we discover these talented people, but we seek partners to develop these sportsmen and women!


Supporting Independent living Quadriplegics

Hospital Visits, Home Visits, Outreach, Wheelchair Distribution, Food Parcel Distribution & Transport

Ama Wheelies plays a vital role supporting independent living quadriplegics providing food parcels, transport to and from hospitals, assisting with shopping and changing of catheters. Home visits is vital and often we discover neglected quadriplegics left in hot tin shack’s all day while family members work. Worst they are left without food or water. As Chairman Moses Mlombo did many inspections and the list of mistreated people is alarming in this our day and era. Reporting these incidents in the local papers, doing home visits many quadriplegics have been found with broken or no wheelchairs and we are always looking for wheelchairs to assist disabled persons.


Training, Job Seeking, Creation of Work Opportunities and Empowerment 

Training is vital and Ama Wheelies along with various partners has invested in training disabled persons, empowering them. From a famous quote Ama Wheelies adopted the policy “Give a man a fish – and he is fed for the day; but rather teach him to fish and he will have his own fish to eat!” Ama Wheelies train caregivers to assist independent living quadriplegics enabling them to make a success of their life. Stembiso and Barry are authors and both have published books. There are many examples, Felix returned to his former trade and opened a workshop. Transport and back-up is also provided enabling private sector to partner with Ama Wheelies in providing work opportunities. Can your organization help? Could you provide work for a disabled person?


Abuse Prevention among Disabled Persons

Presently legislation is non-existent and no legal protection is offered to disabled persons. Abuse comes in many forms. Ama Wheelies aim to create a data base of problems and different forms of abuse disabled persons face on a daily basis. The data base will help in the creation of legislation to protect disabled persons. If you are disabled and been a victim of abuse, please list the various forms of abuse and to that effect we invite you to email the problem you face to Cillie Erasmus for inclusion of your problem or bad experience.

Physical abuse is easily exposed, but verbal and silent abuse is responsible for most damage and this we want you to report. Are you blamed for your disability? Are you left alone for excessive long periods of time? Even if you are able to help yourself, is things placed out of your reach. If you are bedridden is the TV remote within your reach and likewise your cell phone, and are you left with airtime? Are you threatened not to tell? And your caregiver – has he warned you to keep quiet or expect no help? Not taking you shopping? In each home problems are unique but please send a short report on your problems to