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Fund Raising Projects

Embroidering, Stitch Work & T-shirt Printing Press
Trained disabled staff have been empowered at Ama Wheelies to print and embroider on any type of fabric – including logo’s, names and designs. This is fantastic news for RAF who sponsored the training and equipment at Ama Wheelies. The sponsorship include an air-conditioned workstation, featuring a Brother Industrial Embroidery Machine and Heat Press; giving Ama Wheelies a competitive edge as to price.
But more the Heat Press machine can print logos on corporate items such as T-shirts, Water Bottles, Caps, Mugs, Cups, etc. The photos attached shows the high quality work that can be done! Give us a call on 013 235 0160 for more information.

Also you gain BEE points from using Ama Wheelies. Bring your corporate wear and protective clothing and let Ama Wheelies print and engrave names and your logo. Best of all the equipment is computerised! email your logo to or and Noah ever so proud of his work on the heat press at for a quote.




Cartridge collection for recycling
The Ama Wheelies cartridge collection for recycling – fund raising project; you can help!